Top SEO Trends That Will Rule The 2017 Digital Marketing Industry

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SEO is one of the key members of the digital marketing industry and it is one of the pivotal one as well due to its rising demand in the market. This inevitable marketing technique is also very dynamic and tends to change depending on the changing taste and requirement of the market too. This is the reason you can locate a new trend of Search Engine Optimization in the action. Thus when you are keen to get better results for your website then you must know the shift of paradigm that is happening in the SEO industry this year and going to rule the coming months of this year too.

Latest trends of SEO

When your company has covered all the prerequisites to get success in online marketing still you can feel that the results are not coming properly. This may be because your site is not following the hottest trends of the SEO market. Let’s check out what you are missing.

    • Structured data mark-up: it is used to define the properties and things in your site in a better way than ever so that your site can be more crawling friendly.
    • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): today people are tend to search more through their mobile than the desktop or laptops. Thus it is helped to create more user friendly mobile web for the site.
    • Voice search: experts are going crazy after this new trend of searching. Thus you have to rethink about the keywords you are using and based on the voice search results you should use them.

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