Dallas Tourist Guide — Fun things to do in Dallas, Texas

A Guide for Tourists of Dallas – What to Do in the City

It’s the summer season, which means lots of the sunshine, blue skies, and vacation! If you are planning a vacation to the Dallas, Texas area, no doubt you are interested in learning about what there is to do in the city while you are there. In this guide for tourists of Dallas, we will discuss just that.

1. The Dallas Arboretum

The first thing to do in the city of Dallas? Visit the Dallas Arboretum! This is a botanical garden that covers 66 beautiful acres of land. There’s no better time to view the plants, flowers, and trees at the Arboretum than during the warm and sunny season that we are in.

Not only can you witness the beautiful gardens of the Dallas Arboretum, but you can also witness the Dallas skyline as well as White Rock Lake. Lovers of natures should not return home without having seen this botanical garden.

2. Dallas World Aquarium

In downtown Dallas, you will find the Dallas World Aquarium, a for-profit aquarium, and zoo that houses plenty of wondrous animals. Many of these animals are endangered or threatened.

The lower level of the aquarium houses many sea creatures from around the world, such as jellyfish, coral, and sharks to name a few. The upper level is a reproduction of a beautiful rainforest with animals like the sloth, vampire bat, and even crocodiles to marvel at.

The Dallas World Aquarium is a wonderful location to visit when you are in the city, especially if you are traveling with children. So plan a day to stop by and see these animals. You won’t regret it!

3. Dallas Museum of Art

Art lovers visiting the city of Dallas should not leave without having visited the Dallas Museum of Art. An entire day can be lost at this location, but in our humble opinion, we suggest planning a few days to marvel at everything that is on display.

The museum houses a collection of over 24,000 objects from all over the world and a myriad of different time periods. You can find collections of African art, Asian art, Contemporary art, and European art, to name a few. This by no means even scratches the surface of what can be found at this museum. When planning out your trip, you don’t want to overlook the Dallas Museum of Art. Also, check for any community events that may go on there while you are in town.

In conclusion, Dallas is a fun and exhilarating city to visit in the summer time, so if you are planning your vacation to this Texan city, make sure that you center your trip around lots of fun things to do. Visit a gorgeous botanical garden with magnificent views of the city, witness the sight of endangered and threatened animals that are housed comfortably within an aquarium/zoo, and last but not least, view tons of works of art rich in history and culture. You’ll have a blast while making memories that will last you and your family a lifetime.

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